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Receiving a Collect Call:

Upon receiving a call, the automated system will tell you that you have a collect call from someone you know and play you a recording of their name. The system will tell you the rate for the first ten minutes and then ask you to press a specific number if you would like to accept the charges and be connected, or press another specified number to deny the charges and terminate the call.
If you are receiving the call on your mobile phone, the system will also let you know that you will be receiving text message(s) describing the service you purchased, charges and a toll free number to call for customer service.

-If you were called on your non-mobile phone, after completing the call you will see the charges on your regular monthly telephone bill.


Placing a Collect Call:

When making a call, the automated system will ask you to enter the number of the person you are calling and request to record your name. Your name is played back to the person that you are trying to call so please speak clearly.
If the number you entered was a valid number, we will attempt to connect your call. Please be patient as sometimes this can take a few minutes.
Once the receiving party has answered and listened to your name, they will be asked to accept your call and associated charges. If accepted we will then connect your call.
If the receiving party declines to accept your call the system will let you know and the call will end.

However, there may be several reasons why we cannot connect your call, such as:
The number you are calling does not have enough credit to accept your call
The number you are calling is barred from using this service
The number may be busy, not answered, out of radio range or diverting to voice mail